Mackintosh Octagon Feature Window – Campbeltown

In April 2015 we were contacted by Calum McFadyen from Campbeltown in Scotland to create this stunning shaped feature window. This was the first time we had created an octagon shaped window and the glass panel was also very large. Calum wanted the design to be closely related to one of our standard Mackintosh bevelled glass patterns – Design 613 but he also wanted a bevelled glass border with an amber outer border. The panel contains over 50 bevelled glass pieces and we used 50mm wide rectangle pencil bevels for the border. The panel was created using our dark ‘Antique Lead’

The background of the panel was etched for obscurity and Calum has installed LED edge strip lighting to illuminate the glass at night.

You can view the computer generated proof supplied to the client before manufacture here.


Quote Ref: 2450

Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass

© 2015 – Leadbitter Glass

Glass sizes 1135 x 1620

Created for clients in Scotland