McFadyen – Large Bevelled Glass Mackintosh Feature Window – Campbeltown

Hello Calum, here is the drawing of the Bevelled Glass Mackintosh feature window to scale. The areas shown grey would be sandblasted glass and all of the sections shown in white including the bevels would be clear glass. One thing to note is that when the shape was drawn, the diagonal section would become 350mm and not 340mm as your drawing states so it may be worth double checking these dimensions. Please let the studio know your thoughts on the design.

UPDATE: New version added. The outer section and all of the bevels are clear glass. The large ribbon style sections are also clear. The outer bevel section is coloured amber and the main grey areas are sandblasted glass. The red line shows the tight size.

With a deduction of 5mm all around your tight size, the glass will become 1127 x 1615. The top and bottom horizontals will become 637 wide and the side verticals would become 1123.

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This job has now been completed. View the finished glass here

New version


Original option below


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Glass sizes 1135 x 1620

Created for clients in Campbeltown