Installing glass

Before you think about installing glass yourself, make sure you follow our comprehensive guide to measuring your glass correctly. Following our measuring advice could save you a lot of money and although some incorrectly sized glass can be cut down, toughened glass cannot be cut and this is the most popular form of glass supplied by Leadbitter Glass.

Always install glass into an ‘already fitted’ window or door, it will be much easier to handle and you will reduce the chance of glass breakage. Almost all glass supplied by Leadbitter Glass will be toughened glass but it is still a good idea to wear protective glass handling gloves. As glass installation should only be attempted by a skilled person, we have

Protect glass when using wooden beading


To ensure that you do not damage the decorative glass when hammering in the beading nails, hold a piece of cardboard against the glass.

Glazing kitchen cabinets


This is the simplest of glazing jobs. Lay the kitchen cabinet door down on a flat surface with the back of the door facing towards you. Cut out the old glass if necessary and clean away the old silicone. Insert the new piece of glass with the bottom of the glass resting on the rebated wood. Use a silicone gun to squeeze a silicone bead evenly around the edge of the glass as pictured above. Allow the glass to set overnight in a room of normal temperature.

Installing Decorative Glass

When installing decorative glass there is a correct way and an incorrect way to install the glass, especially if the glass is single glazed. If you have purchased decorative glass from us, we can tell you or your installer which way around your glass should be installed on request. Here are a few tips to help give you an idea on the correct installation:

Etched Glass or Sandblasted Glass (as it is known) single glazed – install with the shiny (un-etched) side to the outside of the home

Fused Tiles with Etched Glass – tiles and shiny side to the outside of the home

Leaded & Coloured Glass single glazed – colour to the inside of the home (if unsure, contact the studio)


The tips and advice on this page are just a helpful insight in to measuring and installing of glass panels. Leadbitter Glass does not accept any responsibility if you are injured or suffer loss – financial or otherwise by following our tips and advice from this page. These tasks should only be undertaken by a competent person that is skilled in DIY and should not be attempted by DIY novices. If you are not a competent person in DIY we advise that you hire a tradesman to undertake your glass measuring and installations. Leadbitter Glass do not accept responsibility for the incorrect measuring of your glass. The only guaranteed way to get accurate glass sizes is to obtain the sizes from the window/door manufacturer at time of purchase.