Stained Glass Windows

Leadbitter Glass delivers Overlay-Stained Glass Windows to homes throughout the world. Ordering stained glass windows from Leadbitter Glass is easy. Just send us an image of what you want us to create or find a design you like in our Leaded Galleries. Calculate your approximate glass sizes, then contact us to request a quote.

Stained Glass Windows with Benefits

Stained glass windows were originally manufactured using small pieces of glass fixed together with a ‘H’ lead strip. Almost like a jigsaw method. The lead strips were then soldered so the glass would stay together. This old-style form of stained glass was never very durable. Although this procedure is sometimes still used today, modern Overlay Stained Glass Windows are a more versatile product.

Our Overlay Stained Glass is created by applying lead strips to both sides of one piece of toughened glass. Overlay Stained Glass Colours are applied to one side of the glass, under the leaded strips. Our stained glass windows can be supplied as single-glazed toughened glass or we can even supply the panel as a double-glazed unit. The older ‘jigsaw’ method cannot be supplied as double-glazed units because there are small gaps in between each coloured piece. This old technique can never be made as a sealed unit.

Minster Leaded Glass

The Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired door entryway below was created using toughened Minster Glass with our Overlay Stained Glass product. With this specific job, we created it using our Aged Lead (Option 2) along with transparent colours for the design. Each panel was one solid sheet of toughened safety glass. Minster glass is one of the most popular glass types for use with Leaded-Glass designs. Stippolyte Glass is another popular texture that clients have ordered with us over the last 30 years.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Door

Image above created using Minster Glass

New But Old

As mentioned above, one big advantage that our Leaded Glass has over the traditional method is that toughened glass can be used. Plain colours, marbled colours and textures can be used along with soldered lead or our popular Antique Lead. These durable and attractive materials produce stunning effects that last. When made properly, it can be unrecognisable from the older technique.


Image above created using Minster Glass

As you can see by the picture of this 1930s glass design, the coloured areas of the glass are bumpy and textured. All the colours and the non-coloured areas are textured the same. This specific textured glass is called Minster glass and it is a very popular request with our customers.

Other textured glass patterns can also be used to create leaded glass panels. Stippolyte glass and Flemish glass can be used to create these leaded panels. All other textures can be used as the ‘backing glass’ to the double-glazed unit. Toughened glass has security benefits but it is also a great glass to use when creating expensive designs.

The Many Advantages Of Overlay Stained Glass

Our modern technique has many advantages over the older stained glass technique. Energy saving is a big concern in today’s world and with the leaded glass design being manufactured as a stained glass overlay onto a solid sheet of toughened glass, the possibility of the cold weather coming into the home through the joints of the design is eradicated. Our technique can also be applied directly to energy-saving Pilkington K Glass. This special glass is now a building regulations requirement for every new window and door installation. We supply Pilkington K glass on the rear face of every sealed unit we supply.

Durability and security are other advantages of our product. Creating the decorative design using toughened glass provides long-lasting and secure decorative glass panels. Many people have paid a lot of money for the old stained glass product but it didn’t always stand the test of time. Small coloured sections of a traditional ‘jigsaw’ style panel can break quite easily and they often do. This cannot happen with our product.

The materials

There are hundreds of overlay colours to choose from for use in modern-day stained glass and most colours can be combined with a frosted overlay to create an even larger range of colours and textures.

The Lead strip also comes in many colours and effects. The old favourite through the 80’s and 90’s being Option 1 Natural lead. Today almost every job we create is manufactured using Option 2 Antique Lead which is a darker lead. We now offer antique lead as standard for all quotes so this is included in the price. Soldered joints on the lead strips help achieve that ‘traditional’ feel to the glass. this finish can be requested at an extra price. 

Image above created using Stippolyte Glass

View our basic range of Overlay Stained Glass colours to view the most popular colours requested. There are hundreds of other colours and effects available so you can request any colour you find on any design throughout this website.

View Our Stained Glass Past Works

We’ve created tens of thousands of Overlay Stained Glass commissions since 1994 and you can view some recent orders in our Past Works Gallery. New projects are added regularly and this section is a great way to see what other people are ordering. We tend to add jobs that are a little bit different so there are many bespoke designs featured here.

Browse Our Leaded Glass Galleries

Our website contains hundreds of Stained Glass patterns and our main gallery is the first place to head for inspiration. We have categorised our patterns into themed galleries and glass suitable for different types of doors. The Main Gallery will help you find the perfect stained glass pattern for you or at least inspire you to dream up your pattern.