Stippolyte Glass

Stippolyte glass is one of the most popular textured glass patterns we use to create our Leaded Glass panels (or Overlay Stained Glass as it is also known). The glass can be used to create single glazed or double glazed Leaded Glass panels. When choosing Stippolyte glass, the glass design will have the Stippolyte effect all over the glass. Some of the sections of the leaded glass design will be coloured Stippolyte sections and some may be plain Stippolyte.

Stippolyte comes in a thickness of 4mm and has a high obscurity level. As you can see by the image below, objects in the distance are hardly recognisable due to the obscurity level.

Stippolyte Glass

The Stippolyte effect is a very small knit dimpled effect and is a great pattern for modern designs or even Victorian style Stained Glass patterns. The pattern has a slightly rough texture on one side of the glass and an almost flat surface on the other. When a leaded glass design is created using Stippolyte glass, the rough side of the Stippolyte must be fitted to the outside of the house. If the glass is to be used for internal doors, you can install the rough side on whichever side you prefer.

Some Past Orders Using Stippolyte Glass

Below are just a small selection of some recent Stippolyte panels created by the Leadbitter Glass Studio.

Stippolyte Etched Glass

Stippolyte glass can also be etched and this is a great option for clients wanting no clear areas but want an Etched Glass design. The smooth side of the Stippolyte can be etched and this side would faced internally once installed. Single glazed or double glazed etched Stippolyte is available.