Decorative Glass To The Trade

Use Leadbitter Glass as your trade supplier!

tradeLeadbitter Glass supply homeowners all over the UK with decorative glass but we can also supply trade companies with bespoke glass. One of our main strengths as a trade supplier is our ability to take away the stress and complications that usually come with a customer ordering Etched Glass, Stained Glass or Bevelled Glass designs.

By trading with Leadbitter Glass, you will have a hassle free time when it comes to ordering decorative glass. You can be confident that your customer will be 100% happy with the finished product on installation day because they will have seen the design as it looks in their specific door or window frame colour.

Our trade customers around the country use this website as a stained glass brochure. Their customers can choose the right design in the comfort of their own home without any pressure to choose “on the spot”. We are always on hand to answer any questions the customer has through our contact page but the order will still be placed with you

All of our glass artists have at least 20 years experience in the decorative glass industry so you can rest assured that your glass has not been created by a ‘beginner’. If this type of glass is not produced by a professional it may not be obvious at first but as the years go by, problems will occur if the panel has not been manufactured by an experienced decorative glass artist. As the great saying goes – “if you buy cheap…you’ll buy twice”

Over the years some decorative glass companies around the UK have ceased trading whilst leadbitter Glass is still going strong. If you have ever been a past customer of any of the below companies, we can supply similar products to you…

SGO Bedford
SGO Glasgow
SGO Aberdeen
SGO Forest Glass

tradesupplyWhy Choose Leadbitter Glass

1 – Each job recorded – each job we manufacture is recorded on computer for future remakes and add-ons so by choosing Leadbitter Glass as your decorative glass supplier, you will no longer have the head ache of your usual supplier telling you that they didn’t keep a record of what colour they used or where they placed the lead lines etc

2 – Large gallery of designs – Your customers can use this website to choose their decorative glass without the need of a sales representative having to visit the customers home with brochures. In todays world, the most popular form of ‘window shopping’ and choosing any product is by using the internet. This website can hold more bevelled glass and stained glass designs than any current decorative glass brochure on the market and we also provide technical support to your customer through our contact page if required so less mistakes will occur on placement of orders.

3 – Confidence – Leadbitter Glass has been supplying decorative glass to the window trade since 1994 so you can be confident that if you have any add-ons or remakes in the future, we will still be at the end of the phone. In todays tough trading environment there are many decorative glass companies failing and starting up again under another name. When this happens, your guarantee is gone and and so is the support when it comes to replacements or additions to past jobs

icon_brochureComputer generated glass images for trade manufacturers…

Leadbitter Glass now offer a very competitive computer glass design service to window and door manufacturers. We can supply you with high quality Computer Generated Images (CGI’s) of decorative glass panels for use in Composite Door brochures or company websites. Any decorative glass design can be created and we have many samples available to show you how life-like our decorative glass images really are…. read more