Client Pages Service

FREE Design Service by Leadbitter Glass

Leadbitter Glass provide an unrivalled service to customers when ordering Etched Glass, Stained Glass, Bevelled Glass and Fused Glass. If you order glass from us, you will receive a Computer Generated Image of how your glass will look. We do this as standard for all orders, even if you don’t request it. The image above is an example of a drawing created for a client before we manufactured the glass. If you are happy with the CGI image we will commence manufacture. If you would like to change anything about the design, just let us know. We will make the adjustments and upload the edited ‘proof’ for you to view at no extra cost. We never make any glass panels until the customer is 100% happy with the layout.

Not sure about placing an order just yet?

This great service ensures that you, the customer are 100% happy with the glass design you have ordered before delivery day arrives. Our exclusive service is free for all full orders and can also be given to pre-orders for a small fee. If you want to see your glass design before you place a full order then you can. Leadbitter Glass will now supply a CGI proof of your glass for a small design fee. Once you are happy with the glass design and you place an order, the design fee will be deducted from your total price so in effect this will be a FREE service to you.

See your glass installed before it’s installed!

We can also create a computer generated image of your glass design in the actual location that the glass will be installed. We can add the decorative glass ‘proof’ to a photo of a room or wall. This will show you exactly how the finished glass will look in a specific room. The image below was created for a client in 2011. The house was being built and these window and door sections were boarded up in the photo. We added an internal room image and the stained glass drawing to the customers photo of the brickwork. This allowed the customer to visualise how the glass may look once the house was fully built.

Computer generated drawing

See What People Are Ordering Now

You can see our Client Pages Service in action right now. Hit or hover over the Client Pages menu in the navigation menu above to browse current and recent orders. You can also select Client Pages for the type of glass you are looking for by selecting the glass type in the drop down menu. This is a great way to get inspiration from other clients choices. Please note that not all orders we receive end up in the Client Pages section of the website. Some customers will receive their Client Page drawing by email as we tend to keep the website pages for designs that are little bit different. It wouldn’t be good for the site to have 50 versions of the same design filling up the pages of our website.