Overlay Stained Glass Fanlight Designs


Design using Minster

All of our Overlay Stained Glass Fanlight designs can be adapted to create matching door and side panels that will match perfectly with your chosen fanlight design. To find out more about our Overlay Stained Glass, visit our Stained Glass page.


Design using Stippolyte

Having a new conservatory or windows installed? If so, Leadbitter Glass can deliver your new decorative glass fanlights straight to your chosen window or conservatory supplier anywhere in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales for no extra charge. We do this to make it as easy as possible for you.

All leaded glass designs can be created using clear glass as below or they can also be created using Minster glass or Stippolyte glass as pictured.

For reference, these panels are viewed using a size of 564 x 356

View other styles for Toplights / Fanlights

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