Window Energy Ratings

So what is a WER?

window_energy_ratingsA WER (Window Energy Ratings) is supposed to be a consumer-friendly method of explaining the overall energy saving performance of a window but it isn’t really that clear to many people in the glazing industry so this is all you really need to know about the new Window Energy Ratings….

There are many grey areas as to how any specific A, B or C rating is achieved. The rating is given to the window frame and the actual glass combined so there is no such thing as an A rated sealed unit or a B rated window frame. To manufacture a glass sealed unit that should achieve at least a C rating (when accompanied with the correct frame) the unit should be either:

• A gas filled unit with a metal spacer bar made with a soft coat glass
• A warm edge spacer bar unit made with energy saving glass such as Pilkington K.

Read our Energy Saving Options page to find out what options are available for your sealed units


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