Trade Glass Design Service

brochure_sampleProfessional Brochure Images Supplied

The Leadbitter Glass Studio now offers a glass design service to door and window manufacturers around the UK. We can create high quality computer generated images from your own rough drawings or ideas for use in your printed brochures, your website or other sales tools and literature.

We have supplied many images to manufacturers for use in composite door brochures like this sample on the right. Absolutely any glass design can be created with our software and this is a great way to help you create a brochure/website full of original decorative glass designs. We can create stunning and realistic images of etched glass, leaded glass, bevelled glass and fused glass panels. Prices vary depending on quantity and detail of the intricate nature of the designs. Our design service fees are very competitive and we can even supply stock images at a discounted rate.

How good are our images?

Below you will see a rough sketch supplied and our finished computer generated result. Another advantage of our design service is that your finished images can be changed by us in just a few minutes. Sometimes a small colour change is needed but if you have taken photos of real glass, this could be a problem. We can make alterations to our designs in just a few clicks. We can supply images in many formats such as JPEG or GIF for web based images and even TIFF images for high quality brochure printing. We can create any stained glass design, any bevelled glass or etched glass design.

Supplied Drawing


Final Result



Quality images at a fraction of the cost

One important factor when creating a sales brochure or developing a website is financial cost. The traditional method of creating a decorative glass image for a brochure is to create a real piece of glass and take a photograph of it. Our glass CGI service would give you high quality images at a fraction of the cost of the old fashioned method. Image theft is a major concern in todays internet driven world and another great feature of our CGI product is that we can also add your company logo or website address to the background of each image. This is a great way of protecting your decorative glass images.

Get a quote today!

If you are a manufacturer of windows or composite doors and you are planning to have a new brochure printed or a new website built, make sure you use the highest quality images available. Contact the Leadbitter Glass Studio today to discuss your requirements and receive a free quotation for your new decorative glass images.