Minster Glass

Minster glass is a great choice when ordering Overlay Stained Glass (or Leaded Glass as it is also known). In fact Minster is by far the most popular choice of textured glass ordered with Leadbitter Glass today. Minster glass can be used to create single glazed panels or double glazed units. When choosing Minster glass, the leaded design will have the Minster pattern all over the whole panel. Some sections of the glass design will be coloured Minster with some of the areas being plain Minster.

Minster glass is a rolled textured glass that comes in a thickness of 4mm. The obscurity level of Minster glass is high so it is a great choice when privacy is important.

Minster Glass

The Minster pattern is created with small dents repeated all over the glass panel. The size of the dents are around the size of the edge of your finger tip. This glass pattern is very popular for traditional Stained Glass patterns such as 1930s designs or Georigian and Victorian Leaded Glass patterns. Minster glass has a slightly rough texture on one side of the glass and a smoother surface on the other side. We can only create designs with lead strips and colour using Minster glass. We cannot add 3D glass roundels to Minster glass due to the uneven surface of Minster.

Some Past Orders Using Minster Glass

Below are just a small selection of some recent Minster panels created for overlay stained glass windows and doors by the Leadbitter Glass Studio.