Berkley – Fused Glass Tile Doors and Fanlights – London

Hello Tal, the fanlights shown are one of the largest and one of the smallest from the set of 16 fanlights. The fused glass tile doors can be seen lower down the page. For all glass – almost all of the background would be sandblasted except the stripe lines and behind the Fused tiles, these areas would be left clear glass.

Please let the studio know as soon as possible if the designs are approved so we can ‘crack on’ and manufacture the glass.

Quote ref:2359


Black & Clear Fused Tiles

Glass sizes 16 x various

4 x Small Door Glass

Etched background with clear stripes and clear and black diamond

Small Fused Door Glass

154 x 202

4 slim side panels

We have placed one larger side on top of each slightly smaller side panel but if this is not correct please let us know and we will ammend the drawing

Side panels to door

Glass sizes 208 x 919 and 208 x 987

Porch & 2 side panels

We originally quoted with 4 tiles in the door and 4 in each side panel. When the order came through the design requested stated Q215 which contains 8 tiles so we have changed the side panels to 2 tiles each to keep the price the same.

Porch Door & Side Panels

Glass sizes 648 x 1025, 285 x 865, 290 x 865

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