Stained Glass Bird & Sun – Cambridge

stained_glass_birdCreated in early 2010 this large feature window was manufactured for a Mr & Mrs Hiom from Cambridgeshire. The clients provided a rough drawing of the proposed window design and Leadbitter Glass created a computer generated image for their approval before the glass was manufactured.

We used Aged lead (Option 2) with transparent overlay colours for the sun, the suns rays and the bird. As you can see below the leaded glass design makes up the sloped side of a lean-to conservatory. The whole design measures over 3 and a half metres in length and the design is split into 3 individual pieces. Precise calculations were needed to ensure that the suns rays lined through to the next panel perfectly.

As with all of our coloured glass work, the transparent overlay coloured films were encapsulated inside of the double glazed sealed unit with the leadwork being applied to both sides of the outer pane.

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