Leaded Glass Country Seaside Scene – Cornwall

In 2017 we were asked to create a leaded and coloured feature window for a new extension being built for one of our clients homes. The client lives in St Agnes in Cornwall and they sent us this photograph to work from. We created the window panel using Minster glass and our dark antique lead strip. After the original design was created, the client requested a hanging spider to be added to one corner of the design. As with all orders placed with our studio, we created a computer generated image of how the design would look before we created the actual glass. You can view the customers Client Page here.

While we were creating the panel in our studio, another client made a visit to order their own glass when they spotted this panel being created. The customer informed us that this was the tin mine from the TV show – Poldark. We have never seen the show so I will have to take their word for it.

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Poldark Tin Mine Cornwall

Glass sizes 1100 x 1100
© 2017 – Leadbitter Glass
Created for clients in Cornwall