Kent – Leaded Glass Coastal Landscape – Cornwall

Hello Sally, here are 2 versions of your leaded glass landscape showing you a version with mainly plain colours and another version showing more colours with a streaky effect. The lead would be our Aged Lead Option 2 lead and the base glass would be the obscure textured Minster glass as shown below. These computer generated designs are created with computer generated colours so they will not look exactly the same as the finished panel. We will choose the best colour matches during the manufacturing process. Please let the studio know your thoughts and if it is fine for us to proceed with manufacture.

This order has now been completed and can be seen here in our Past Works Gallery

Quote ref: 2647

New option with added ‘spider’ and streaky colours as requested

Option 1 below – using mainly plain colours

Glass sizes 1100 x 1100
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Created for clients in St. Agnes, Cornwall