Leaded Glass Mackintosh Feature Window – Bristol

Hi David, below are two version of the Kilmarnock design from our Mackintosh Range. As requested we’ve based your glass on the 601 design from our Kilmarnock collection. Since your glass is about half the height, to include the pink curve feature at the bottom of the panel we’ve had to do quite a bit of re-designing but we’re happy with the result. The dashed line represents your visible sizes and this proof is as viewed from the outside. The glass we’ll use for your panel is Stippolyte as pictured below. Please let us know if you’re happy for us to proceed with production based on either version or if you require any amendments.

Update 1: Thanks for confirming, we’ll proceed with production based on V1.

Update 2: Photos of the finished panel can be found here.

Quote ref: 2953

V1 Chosen Version
V2 Alternate Version – Not Chosen

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Glass sizes 715 x 617
Created for clients in Coalpit Heath, Bristol
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