Bristol Decorative Glass

Leadbitter Glass manufactures and delivers many different forms of decorative glass around the Bristol area. We manufacture and deliver Etched Glass, Bevelled Glass, Fused Glass and Overlay Stained Glass panels. We deliver bespoke glass to residential customers but we have also supplied glass for use in blockbuster movies and some of the worlds largest corporations.

4 Types Of Decorative Glass Available…

1. Etched Glass to Bristol

Of the many types of glass decorative glass we supply, Etched Glass is one of the most popular requests we receive from the Bristol area. The image above shows what etched glass looks like and basically, it is an obscure background with a clear design. All designs are obviously available in the opposite style – clear background and etched design. We have hundreds of designs in our Etched Glass Gallery and popular styles are Traditional or our Shadows Of Nature.

Other popular etched glass galleries are our Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the House Names and Numbers gallery. We can also create bespoke etched glass panels based on your own photos or drawings. All glass is available single or double glazed. As with all decorative glass orders, a scale proof is created for client approval before the glass is started.

Etched Glass Wallpaper Trees Kitchen Hatch

Many years ago we were approached by a client enquiring if we could make an etched glass design based on their wallpaper. The client sent us a photo of said wallpaper and we ran it through our tracing software. The trace gave a good result and we gave the client a price. Once the order was placed with us we then supplied a scale drawing to show the client how the glass would look and they approved the drawing. The customer kindly sent us photos of their glass and you can see the kitchen hatch doors in the main link above.

Etched Glass Downham Door – Bristol

Downham Doors have become quite popular in recent years and most doors come with plain glass. A Bristol client asked us if we could make a set of etched glass panels for their Downham door in 2011 and we asked them to choose a design for us to price up. The main link above shows you the design they selected and the result was a very simple but traditional etched glass set.

Acorns & Oak leaves Door

A customer contacted us recently and asked if we could create a ‘mash up’ of two previous jobs we had created for other clients. The client liked the outer style of a trailing leaf border but wanted the detail inside the border to be taken from another order. We also created 2 plain border panels for the sides of the doorway. The main link above will show you the customers ‘Client Page‘ where we uploaded this new design for approval.

2. Overlay Stained Glass to Bristol

The above image shows a great example of an Overlay Stained Glass panel. This type of glass is also one of the most popular requests we receive from the Bristol area. As with all of our glass, single glazed and double glazed options are available. Toughened safety glass is supplied as standard for all orders. Popular styles requested are chosen from our Charles Rennie Mackintosh gallery and the Frank Lloyd Wright gallery.

There are many other patterns to choose from such as Countryside Landscapes and traditional designs from our extensive Door Galleries. The Main Gallery is the place to start and if you cannot find a suitable design, send us your own design. We create bespoke glass panels every day so we can also make glass inspired by your current glass or from a photo/drawing you have.

Mackintosh Internal Window – Coalpit Heath

We were commissioned by a client in 2023 to create an Overlay Stained Glass Window for their home. The chosen design was the Kilmarnock Design from our Mackintosh Range. His preferred version of the design was the fully coloured 601 version but their glass sizes were about half the height of the 601 design. We selected the elements from the design that we thought would work well in a much smaller panel. The main link above shows you the stunning finished result.

Overlay Stained Glass Lighthouse – Bristol

A client approached us in 2022 and asked if we could create a smaller version of a panel we had created the previous year. The client had spotted this previous Lighthouse panel and wanted a version but in a different shape. We gave a quote and the client ordered the glass. A few days later we re-designed the pattern to suit the new clients specific glass sizes and uploaded it to their personal Client Page. The main link above shows the proof we supplied to the client before we started work on the glass.

FLW Shaped Glass Doorway

A client found our Frank Lloyd Wright Illinois Design on our website and contacted us to ask if we could supply the design in shaped glass. The client sent photos of the door glass shapes required and we confirmed we could make the glass for their door. The glass was made using 4mm toughened Stippolyte glass and we used a dark lead strip for the lines of the design. The main link above will show you the drawings we supplied before we got to work on the actual glass.

Basic Leaded Tulips – Bristol

Way back in 2012 we were asked to supply 2 panels of glass with a very basic tulip design. The client provided their own artwork and wanted the glass to look as close to their drawing as possible. The glass was to be installed into kitchen cabinets and you can see the drawing we provided before making the glass, in the link above.

3. Fused Glass to Bristol

The photo above shows one of our Fused Glass leaves that is used in our popular fused glass patterns. Our fused glass panels are created by etching the background with the addition of stunning fused glass tiles. We create these hand-made fused glass tiles in our UK studio and many colours can be requested.

Popular fused glass galleries include our Mackintosh Gallery and our Tree Of Life Gallery. Our fused glass tiles are all hand cut and then they are placed in our kiln. 18 hours later they are fused and ready to be used to make our stunning glass panels. Fused Glass tiles are some of the most beautiful glass features we make. As standard, all glass is toughened and can be supplied single or double glazed.

Mackintosh Roses & Mackintosh House Name

In 2018 we received an order for our popular Mackintosh Fused Glass Roses along with an arched panel with a house name. The client wanted the top arched panel to just contain a house name and a border. They also requested a blue rose instead of the standard colour. We designed the set of panels and created a drawing for the clients approval. We used a Mackintosh style font for the house name and included the same border as featured in the door glass below. The link above will take you to the customers Client Page.

Fused Glass Black Daisies Door – Bristol

Our popular Tree Of Life design was chosen by a Bristol customer in 2016 but they wanted to change the tile colours from our standard offering. The client requested black floral tiles which we had never been asked for previously. We did have the materials to make these bespoke fused tiles but first we had to make an artists impression to show the customer how they may look. This proof was approved and we got to work making the glass. You can see our artists impression in the main link above.

Small Fused Glass Window

Way back in 2013 we were asked to create a very small panel with a very basic fused glass tile. The design was to have an etched glass background with a black and clear fused glass tile. The link above shows you the drawing we created for approval. We supply drawings like this for all orders placed with our studio.

4. Bevelled Glass to Surrey

The image above is a Bevelled Glass window we created for clients in Chelsea. This design is part of our popular American Bevelled Glass range and the photo is stunning example of the beauty of bevels. There are thousands of bevels to choose from and we can create toughened glass panels with stunning bevelled patterns. Again, single or double glazed is available and as standard we produce a drawing for approval before manufacture.

Bevelled Feature In Diamond Leads – Bristol

Way back in 2012 a client approached us to ask if we could create a reproduction of a panel they had broke. The client sent images to us and the first thing we noticed is, it was a bevel that we could supply. We asked the client to measure the exact size of the diamonds and the oval border. We then created a drawing so the client could approve or request changes. The title link above will show you the layout of how the glass was going to look.

What we do

Distinguished in the realm of decorative glass, our studio specialises in the creation of custom-designed glass panels, elevating the ambiance of homes and businesses in Bristol. Our reach extends beyond local towns, catering to clients throughout the UK and occasionally fulfilling orders from across the globe. Our predominant customer base comprises homeowners seeking to refresh their visual spaces by replacing worn or outdated glass. Should your front door be looking tired or uninviting, we can supply you with captivating decorative glass, breathing new life into your doorway.

We supply toughened safety glass as standard for all our products. You can choose single or double-glazed options or even triple glazed glass if it is required. We can provide laminated or Fire rated glass but these types of glass carry extra charges on top of a standard quotation.

Our service

When customers place an order with us, they get to preview their glass design before we make the actual glass. Our glass artists create high quality proofs to show you, the client, exactly how your glass will look before manufacture. Once you get to see the drawings, you would have the opportunity to request alterations to the layout and colours. We only create the actual glass once the client has told us the design is absolutely perfect. After creating the glass, we deliver it directly to your Wisbech home or your chosen window or door supplier.

We also supply Decorative glass to the surrounding areas of Bristol including:

Weston-Super-MareBathTauntonNewport – Chippenham – CheltenhamGloucesterSwindon – Stroud – Clevedon – Trowbridge – Portishead – Yate – Cwmbran – Thornbury – Melksham – Chepstow – Frome – Malmesbury – Bridgwater