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Bevelled Glass SampleIn 2019 we created a stunning set of 7 American Bevelled Glass panels for clients in the Clackmannanshire area of Scotland. The clients had seen a previous job we had created for client Hooper from Milton Keynes and wanted something similar. The Hooper job was a pair of American bevelled Glass double glazed units for an external doorway. This new request was for 5 bevelled glass doors and two bevelled side panels.

Big & Beautiful

As with all orders we create, we showed the client a computer generated drawing of how the glass would look. The client approved the designs straight away and we set about making the actual glass. Hundreds of individual bevelled glass pieces were used to create this project as you can see by our photos. We created the panels using 6mm toughened glass because of the sheer size of the glass. With glass sizes over 2.3 metres tall, this glass would be heavy but very strong.

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American Bevelled Glass Close UpLeadbitter Glass supplies and delivers decorative glass around the U.K but we don’t install. For this reason, the client already had door manufacturers ready and waiting to complete the installation. T.J Ross Bespoke Joiners created the actual timber doors and fitted them on delivery day. Francis Leadbitter delivered the bevelled glass doors personally and he worked with the T.J Ross guys to ensure the glass was installed correctly. With such a large order we all felt a little bit anxious but as expected, everything went like clockwork on the day.

T.J Ross Bespoke Joinery

T.J Ross supply bespoke joinery products to homes and businesses around Scotland and the North of England. The guys we worked with on installation day and during the manufacturing process were extremely professional at all times.

Bevelled Glass DesignThe seven glass panels also included areas that contained a frosted texture. This created a stylish and elegant border without taking the focus away from the bevelled glass areas.
Bevelled Glass Door With Side PanelsThe entryway to the dining room consisted of two large bevelled glass doors with two slim side panels. We used over 250 small bevelled glass pieces to create this stunning doorway. The three other panels were for three individual doorways just off the dining room area.

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