American Bevelled Glass Doors – Milton Keynes

American Bevelled GlassIn 2016 we were asked to create a large pair of American Bevelled Glass door panels for a client in Milton Keynes. The new glass was to be the entrance to a large executive home that was under renovation. The client spotted one of our previous American Bevelled Glass jobs for our client Mrs Banatvala and enquired about a similar design but for a different shape and size of glass.

As we do with every order, we created a computer generated image of the glass so the customer can approve. The client had asked for 2 different versions at different price ranges. The client selected Option A as their preferred design and we set about making the actual glass. The door panels contained over 120 individual bevelled glass pieces. The whole glass was clear glass except for the large stripes of the border which were textured.

The bevelled glass was created using toughened safety glass and then sealed into double glazed units. The PVC doors were provided by another company as Leadbitter Glass only supplies decorative glass. View many other American Bevelled Glass jobs we have created for clients all over the UK here.

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Bevelled Glass Doors

Bevelled Glass rectangles

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Glass sizes 700 x 1725

Bevelled Glass door created for clients in Milton Keynes

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