Hooper – American Bevelled Glass Door Entryway – Milton Keynes

Hello Mr & Mrs Hooper, here are two drawings based on the original Chelsea window that you liked from our website. The frosted stripes that feature in the computer generated drawing will be the same frosting that is used on the thin stripes of the original panel. They will not look white like they do on this drawing as they are colourless but have a stippled effect. Option A is the lower cost option and Option B has more bevels.

All of the bevels will be clear glass and we would use Aged Lead Option 2 as standard.

Please let the studio know your thoughts on the layout you prefer.

UPDATE: This job has been completed and can be viewed here

Quote Ref: 2526


Option A above

Option B below


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Glass sizes 700 x 1725

Created for clients in Milton Keynes