Topping – American Bevelled Glass Doors – Clackmannanshire

Hello Elizabeth and Ralph, below are the drawings of your 7 bevelled glass panels. These drawings have now been altered to show the exact glass sizes as received from your joinery supplier. The dashed line is the visible area and this is set at 18mm which is where the beading will be sat. Apparently the set of 3 panels are located in different areas of the house and not sat right next to each other so I couldn’t really position them as they will sit. The texture we have used in the stripes is a colourless stippled effect.

We have added a photographic background to allow you to visualise how it may look once installed.

NOTE: this job has been completed, CLICK HERE to view the panels in situ’

Click images to see larger versions

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Glass sizes 255 x 2219, 569 x 2219, 550 x 2261, 630 x 2361, 621 x 2361
Created for clients in Clackmannanshire
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