Abstract feature Window – Cambridgeshire

Obscure glass feature windowIn 2012 we created this abstract feature window to help give a good privacy level to a staicase window. The client required a modern design without colour and the design was based on this previous job we created for a client in Milton Keynes.

Each section of the design had a separate frosted texture and the centre piece of the design featured a clear facet bevel jewel measuring 50mm in diameter. The lead used was our aged lead (Option 2) and the glass was sealed into a double glazed unit once the artwork was completed.

The textures chosen were mainly availble from our standard textures range but we also used some other textures that are not featured.

Before manufacture commenced we created a computer generated image to show the client and the work was only started once the full approval was given.

Quote ref: 2293

Modern Leaded Glass Feature Window
Glass size was 445mm x 896mm