1930s Leaded Glass Door & Landing Window – Kettering

Keeping the 1930s alive

This 1930s leaded glass was created to blend in with the era of the house. The home was built in the 30’s and the home owner did not have any decorative glass in the door or any of the windows. We created this authentic 1930’s design and uploaded a ‘proof’ of the decorative glass design to the website for customer approval. All of these images were taken 13 years after the glass was installed and all of the glass was double glazed glass except for one piece.

The panels were manufactured using standard natural lead complete with soldered joints and an acid ageing solution was applied to the lead to give it that ‘old’ look. The centre panel of the door was created on Minster glass and was single glazed as there wasn’t enough room in the old wooden frame for a thick double glazed sealed unit. The other 5 panels around the door were leaded directly onto the Minster glass again, then sealed into double glazed decorative glass units with energy saving Pilkington K glass.

decorative glass for loft conversionA few years later the home also later had a loft conversion and this design was created to help the new modern loft blend in with the tradition of the home.

The double glazed sealed unit was created using toughened Pilkington K energy saving glass and the leadwork was soldered to match in with the door set above. On this design you can see 2 frosted stripes at the side of the main design and this was added to the design to just give a small amount of extra privacy to this new loft room.

All of the glass we provide meets with the current Building Regulations and our decorative glass can be created using the most energy efficient materials on the market. We can also copy your original glass design using todays energy saving materials.

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Outside view of the door


Internal View of the doorway

Below is the large landing window with a similar theme

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