Victorian Etched Glass Urns Door – Norfolk

Hi Mark, below is your Victorian Etched Glass design to show you how your glass will look in your chosen design. the grey sections will be the sandblasted (etched) glass and the white sections will be the clear glass. The red line shows your visible area. The tramline border starts around 15mm from the visible area and as I explained on the telephone earlier, we cannot guarantee that the tramline will follow the beading 100% correctly due to the imperfections in the pencil line on the template supplied. We have corrected the curves to be more like proper curves so I think this should help. I have also reflected the rectangle urn panels so they are a mirror image of each other but you can just have 2 of the left panels or two of the right hand panels if required. Please let me know your thoughts and let us know if it is fine to proceed with manufacture.

Quote ref: 2955

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Glass sizes 409 x 805 and 866 x 385
Created for clients in Diss, Norfolk
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