Victorian Etched Glass – London

In late 2017 we added a new gallery of designs to our vast Etched Glass catalogue. The new Edinburgh Range was created after a ‘glass research’ visit to Scotland looking at some of the various etched glass styles popular around Edinburgh and Glasgow. Due to the amount of fine detail present in the Edinburgh range, these panels cost considerably more than our standard etched glass designs.

Quite soon after the range was launched we received an order for 2 panels from this range for a customer in London. The glass was ordered as fire rated glass with a half hour fire resistance. Once the order was placed we created scale drawings to show the customer how their glass would look once finished. We do this for all orders placed with our studio.

Quote Ref: 2744

© 2018 – Leadbitter Glass
Glass size 770 x 765
Created for clients in London N4
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