Stained Glass Roundels

Stained Glass Roundels like the one above are manufactured in our studio. These beautiful glass features can help create stunning leaded glass panels in Victorian styles for doors and side panels. As we manufacture Overlay Stained Glass, all of the glass we create is made using a base sheet of solid toughened safety glass. The stained glass roundels are then UV bonded to the toughened safety glass. Clear glass and Stippolyte Glass are flat enough for us to bond the roundels successfully. When the Stippolyte Glass has a roundel UV bonded to it, the section where the roundel is attached becomes transparent again. This is due to the UV bonding resin, filling in the small textures of the Stippolyte Glass. This gives a sharp view of the roundel and the other areas of the glass remain Stippolyte and you can see an example below.

Stained Glass Roundel On Stippolyte

Glass Without Roundels

Due to Minster Glass being a very bumpy glass, we cannot add stained glass roundels to Minster glass. If a Minster Glass style texture is required we can create coloured circles with the Minster texture. These circles will be coloured and will be almost flat but with the Minster texture. They will not have a 3D appearance but still create a stunning leaded glass panel. The example below shows a panel that has been created with Minster Glass and contains some coloured circles instead of 3D roundels. You can view a traditional design here that we created for a client and the client didn’t want the roundels to help keep costs down.

We can also create flat leaded and coloured circles to clear glass or Stippolyte glass.