Shaped Leaded Glass Rainbow Window – Connecticut, USA

In 2020, a client in Connecticut, USA approached us wanting two overlay stained glass panels produced similar to one from their childhood home. During the course of their renovation project however, they decided they needed something different to flow with their home design. They said that browsing through our website had opened their eyes to new possibilities and through our past works section, they found this colourful design we had created for another client in 2018. Their windows were a lot smaller than the design they selected and they were a half octagon shape so we adapted it to fit their panels. As you can see from the images below, when the light passes through them, the colours come to life projecting stunning colours into the home.

The windows arrived yesterday in perfect condition. They are absolutely stunning!


Quote ref: 1584

Panel 1
Panel 1 colour projection
Panel 2
Colour projection from glass

© 2020 – Leadbitter Glass
Glass sizes 492 x 358
Created for clients in Connecticut, USA
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