Binley – Overlay Stained Glass Ginkgo – Market Harborough

Hello Mr & Mrs Binley, below is your drawing of the Ginkgo design you supplied, shown in your glass sizes of 564 x 1706. The whole glass will be Stippolyte glass as requested and the lead will be our Aged Lead Option 2. The dashed line shows your visible area if your beading was to be 15mm high. You did not state any ‘visible sizes’ on the order so I have had to estimate this measurement. Please check that the beading is no higher than 15mm or some of the border may be obstructed once installed. The colours on this drawing are just for reference and you will be able to visit our studio once the colours have been used to confirm all is well before we complete the panel as agreed.

Quote ref: 2756

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Glass sizes 564 x 1706
Created for clients in Market Harborough, Leicestershire
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