Multi Coloured Rectangles Door – Ipswich

In 2016 we created this simple design for a client that wanted a flood of colour to shine onto the newly tiled floor and they wondered if different coloured rectangles would do the trick. As you can see by the images the highly polished floor reflects the stunning colours with ease. The glass was created in 4mm toughened glass and it was single glazed glass because it was for an internal door. There is a large window behind the door that allows the daylight to flood through the property.

The reflection on the floor actually gives a more realistic view of the finished glass colours because the daylight is bright in the photo, it makes the colours look paler than they actually are. Before we created the glass we supplied the customer with a CGI drawing for approval as we do with all order.

Quote Ref: 1344

Glass sizes 289 x 1655

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Created for clients in Ipswich