Macbeth – Memorial Window Glass – Inverness

Hello Dawn, below are 2 options with new colours. I thought that it would be a good idea to create the design for the main panel first and once we are happy with the layout and design I could then create the second panel in a similar style.

I have drawn the text areas using sandblasted glass as the background of the area with the letters in clear glass. This is a really good way of having the text stand out really well. The colours on Uisdean would be a mix of plain and streaky colours. All of the background colours would be plain transparent colours and the inner border would be Texture 706. The lead used would be Lead Option 2 Aged.

UPDATE: Window featuring Jesus added

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Leaded Glass Jesus

Uisdean Window Glass


Glass size 378mm x 1335mm

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Created for clients in Inverness Scotland