McDermott – Leaded Glass Sun Moon – Uxbridge

Hi Michelle, below are your draiwngs shown in your glass sizes. The sun and moon designs are created with Minster Glass and the Renfrew panels are made with Stippolyte glass. The dashed line shows the visible area. The circle bevels and tear drop shapes on the 2 Renfrew panels will be almost clear glass. Please don’t take too much notice of the colours used in the sky section of the moon panel because we are going to select the best effect colours at the time and colour it as good as we can. What we will do for that panel is send you a photo of how that panel looks before we finish it so you can see how the night sky came out. When we order special colours like these, we do not know exactly what they are going to look like until they arrive so I would rather you see the actual effect closer to the time. Please let the studio know if these drawings are fine and we will proceed to manufacture.

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