O’Brien Wheeler – Fused Glass Tree Of Life Window – Kent

close_upHello Sue, here are some options for your Fused Glass Tree Of Life designs. Option 1 contains 14 tiles and option 2 contains 18 tiles. You can request any of the coloured tiles and we can remove any tile that you do not like. The background of the glass will be sandblasted and the swirls will be clear glass.

The tiles are clear and coloured in the centre. We would use 4mm toughened glass as standard. To see close ups of the actual tiles to be used or to select the individual tiles yourself please visit our Circle Fused Tile Gallery and let me know the code numbers to use.

If you would like to forward a photo of the actual serving hatch, we would be able to add the glass image to the photo to show you how it may look once installed. Here is an example of this ‘photo design’ service given to another customer.

Quote ref:2317

Option 1


Option 1 – 14 tiles

Option 2


Option 2 – 18 tiles

Glass sizes 1260mm x 500mm

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Created for clients in Swanley Kent