Round Fused Glass Tiles

These circular Fused Glass tiles are handmade in our studio and are used to create our Tree Of Life design range. Coloured floral centres can be produced in small or large tile sizes. These tiles are not always perfectly round as they are slowly ‘fused’ into shape at very high temperatures. The size of the coloured floral centres and the colours used differ for every tile we make so the tiles are unique every time.

As an example, not every blue tile will be made exactly the same. The main colour of the flower would be blue but the tiles may have different coloured centres or a different shape. If a panel is requested with 3 blue tiles, even these tiles may be different to each other. Please do not expect an exact likeness to the tiles shown below as these are only examples of tiles that have been created in the past.

When ordering specific coloured tiles, you must just ask for base colours such as reds, yellows, blues etc. We cannot accept requests for a “red tile with a yellow centre” for example. All tiles have a clear base glass with a coloured floral centre. These images are not to scale. The tiles will vary in size due to the melting process.


Examples Of Small tiles (15mm to 25mm)


Examples Of Medium tiles (30mm – 40mm)

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