Powell – Etched Fused Glass Tiles Door – Sutton Coldfield

Hello Mick, below is your drawing shown in your glass sizes. The tiles will be around 60mm square but these may differ within a couple of mm because of the melting process. I have used your layout plan to position the tiles but as the original tiles were to be 30mm square, I have altered the positions by 15mm so this will make the centres of the tiles be in the same place as the original layout. The background shown in grey will be etched glass and the white lines will be clear glass. The background shown in white will be clear glass with etched lines. The tiles will actually be slightly rounded as you are aware. The dashed line is the visible area. Please let the studio know if it is fine to proceed with manufacture or if you require any alterations.

Quote ref: 2791

Clear background version below

Etched background version below

© 2019 – Leadbitter Glass
Glass sizes 642 x 1757
Created for clients in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
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