Etched Glass Moon

Deep Carved Moon Window – Rotherham

Linda and Alan France are past clients of Leadbitter Glass and they contacted us recently with a special project for us. Linda had her heart set on a ‘moon’ themed bathroom window and she had a good idea of how she wanted the border to look but she was not sure how a moon could be displayed in the centre of the window.

Privacy is always very important in a bathroom window so we couldn’t have a standard etched glass design using etched areas and clear areas in the moon. We explained that our deep carved glass process could be the perfect solution. The moon below was created using 6.4mm laminated glass with most of the moon being ‘deep blasted’ into the glass and the other areas being lightly blasted. The result gives a totally obscure design with a realistic three dimensional finish.

Before the glass was created we supplied Linda and Alan with a computer generated drawing of how the glass may look as we do with all orders. View the client proof here.


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The above moon was used as the main feature of this window below


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Created for clients in Rotherham