Deep Carved Glass

  Carved Glass For Windows & Doors


Deep blasting gives a 3 dimensional finish

As well as our very popular standard Etched Glass we also manufacture bespoke ‘Deep Carved’ glass designs. Deep carved glass or ‘Deep Sandblasted’ glass as it is also known is produced by sandblasting deep into the glass at varying levels to give a three dimensional appearance to the design. The varying depths of the sand carving process allow the design to be detailed giving a very realistic result. Animals and other nature themed designs look amazing when they are created using our deep carving process. Company names and logos are another popular request for deep sandblasted glass and with the addition of resin coloured glass, we can create stunning works of art for doors and windows. Deep carved glass looks stunning when the light catches the edges of the design and the technique used to create this finish is a very long deep_sandblasted_traditional_glassprocess. It can take our glass artists many hours or even days to ‘cut away’ the glass before the pattern id realised. Fully etched and deep carved glassOne of the advantages of deep carved glass is that the pattern can be created without the need for any clear areas in the design. This is a great way to aid privacy for door glass as there wouldn’t be any areas that can be seen through.

What glass can be used for Deep Carved designs?

Toughened glass cannot be used to create a deep sandblasted glass design because the toughened glass would shatter once a certain depth has been blasted away. 6.4mm laminated glass can be used and standard 6mm glass can be used for deep carving of glass. We can also supply triple glazed units so the 6mm carved glass can be encapsulated inside of the unit to comply with various building regulations.

Add a touch of colour to bring the glass to life!

Below we have a design that had been deep carved (sandblasted) and then coloured afterwards. You can see that once the colour pigments are added to the sandblasted areas, each section becomes transparent with colour. Using different depths of carving, we can colour the design to give realistic effects in glass. Notice the veins in the flower petals are darker than the surrounding colour. We use specially engineered glass colouring pigments to colour the glass and almost any colour can be created.



Coloured pigments added to the deep carved glass