Contemporary Overlay Stained Glass Door – Cardiff

Kathryn contacted us in 2010 enquiring if we could create a similar American themed design to an image that she had. Kathryn told us that she had been searching the internet for a very long time to find a company that could create glass similar to the glass in the image so we asked her to email the design straight to us.

Once we received the image we confirmed to Kathryn that this is possible to create using our Overlay Stained Glass technique and we got about designing the door glass for her. We created an accurate scale drawing of what we could create using Kathryns actual glass sizes. Click here to view the customers ‘proof’. Kathryn made a few slight changes to the design and we were then given the full go ahead to create the glass.

The door and side panel combination were created using numerous textured overlays along with a few different pale tinted colours. Natural 6mm lead was used and once the glass was completed, the lead was darkened to give an aged appearance. The circle feature at the centre of the door set was created using a white overlay and 6mm lead also.

Customer comments…

Dear Francis,

Just to say thank you for excelling yourselves with the front door “colaboration”. I’d struggled with ideas of what was required to suit my taste and also to suit the style of the house and couldn’t find anything ready made so this was a real leap of faith and nothing like I’d attempted before. As my headlights caught it as I came home last week on installation day I breathed a big sigh of relief that it wasn’t a very expensive mistake – I was thrilled! It looks outstanding. I’ve attached a few photos for your website as you requested. I hope I’ve done it justice.

Thank you for your exceptional efforts.

Kind regards


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