Abstract Leaded Glass Kitchen Window – Rugby

modern_abstract_feature_windowKevin & Ali Coles contacted the Leadbitter Glass Studio in 2010 enquiring if we could create an abstract leaded glass panel that obscured the fence and wall behind their new kitchen window. This decorative glass panel was going to be a focal point in their beautiful new kitchen extension. Ali & Kevin knew the exact style of leaded glass design they wanted but they were a little unsure about the colours so by using our Client Pages service, we set about designing different coloured options until the perfect blend of textures and colours was achieved.

Full colour and texture swatches were supplied to Kevin & Ali so they could personally select each colour and texture for each section of the design. Once the leaded glass panel was manufactured we soldered all of the joints and darkened the lead lines. The double glazed sealed unit was created using Pilkington K energy saving toughened glass.

You can view the progress through the different options by viewing their personal Client Page created for this specific project. The original drawing is at the bottom of that page with the finalised drawing at the top of the page. As you can see from the photo, this modern leaded glass feature window has created a unique attraction as part of this stunning contemporary kitchen.

Below is the finished window and at the bottom of the page you can see a close up image showing the different blues and textures used in the leaded glass window.

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