Leaded Glass Willow Tea Rooms Window – Conwy Town

Hi Mark, below is your drawing showing you how your chosen Willow Tea Rooms design will look in your sizes. As requested we have added the dashed visible line in at a measurement of 333 x 943. Obviously the lead lines will carry on past the visible area and on towards the edge of the glass. The lead we would use is our Aged Lead option 2 and the whole background of the glass shown white will be clear glass. The glass will be a 28mm double glazed unit.

NOTE: I have just read your email regarding the colours of the petals in the lower section and you ask if these can these be made pink. These are currently a white/light grey marbled but we can re-colour them to a pink. please can you confirm if you mean the 9 oval shapes in the bottom half of the design?

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Glass sizes 357 x 967
Created for clients in Wales
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