Burrows – Stained Glass Mackintosh Door – Liverpool

Hi Steve, below you can see a proof showing our version of the Mackintosh door panel design you sent through along with the side panels using our Clyde Rose design in your requested glass sizes. We will use stippolyte glass and aged lead as requested. On the centre panel we have used 3 widths of lead (9mm, 6mm, 4.5mm) to try to match the design you supplied as closely as possible. We’ve then modified the side panels to include some 6mm lead lines as it originally was all in 4.5mm – this way we think it will be a better match for the centre panel. We’ve used the grey colour in the double semi-circle section in between the red flower and dark green oval to match your design as closely as we can using our materials. The dashed line represents your visible sizes. Let us know if you have any amendments or if you’re happy for us to proceed with production.

Quote ref: 2899

Proof of panels
Design supplied by customer

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Glass sizes various
Created for clients in Liverpool
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