O’Connor – Overlay Stained Glass Door And Port Hole – Needingworth

Hello Mark and Lenka, your designs will appear once each one is ready to view. Please let the studio know your thoughts on the patterns and if it is fine to proceed with manufacture.

NOTE: Colours will be more like the sample swatch you have than these computer generated images.

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New option for side panels below

Fireplace windows design created with Stippolyte glass and dark lead.

Glass sizes 466 x 715

This port hole window drawing has been created using minster glass (mottled finish) but can also be created with Stippolyte like the side panels.

Glass size 511 diameter shown with Stippolyte glass

These side panels are created using Stippolyte glass and dark lead.


Glass sizes 499 x 1702


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Created for clients in Needingworth Cambridgeshire