Fused & Etched bathroom door glass – Aberdeen

shaped_fused_glass_doorHazel from Aberdeen contacted us recently to enquire about 2 bespoke fused glass panels for internal doors for her home. Hazel had been looking at our Half Glazed Fused Glass Doors in our gallery and loved this style of decorative glass. As usual we set about creating realistic ‘mock ups’ of how Hazels glass would look using our specialist computer software and we uploaded the images to Hazels personal web page in our Client Pages section. You can see by the provided images that Hazel knew exactly how the glass was going to look and the go-ahead was given for us to create the actual glass.

Due to one of Hazels doors being shaped, Hazel had to draw and cut out a cardboard template of the exact glass size and shape and once we received the template through the post, the toughened saftey glass was ordered and the job was underway. Hazel selected all of the Fused Glass Tiles form our gallery and the tiles were UV bonded to the glass after the etching process was completed.

The glass used for both panels was clear toughened glass and the only clear areas left in the glass were the thin straight lines and a small border around each tile.

Quote ref: 2045

etched_fused_glass_bathroom_door fused_glass_bathroom_door