Frank Lloyd Wright Biltmore Hotel Stained Glass – Leicester

In 2015 we were asked to create a Frank Lloyd Wright style set of double glazed panels based on the historical stained glass window featured in the Biltmore Hotel in Arizona. The image on the right is the original design which is on show at the hotel in the USA.

Our Overlay Stained Glass design was created with every section of the glass being coloured except for the outer border. We used our standard antique lead strip. Most of the coloured sections were plain transparent colours with a few wisp colours to give an abstract effect. Before we created the actual glass we created a computer generated image for approval of the design. View the customers Client Page 

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Frank Lloyd Wright Biltmore Hotel Glass

© 2017 – Leadbitter Glass

Glass size 1135 x 255, 345 x 1735 and 585 x 1655

Created for clients in Leicestershire