Hallhill Leaves Designs

Below are some examples of our Shadows Of Nature – Hallhill Leaves design shown in various different glass sizes. We can make this design in many different sizes using the original full design shown here on the left. Glass can be ordered as single glazed toughened glass or double glazed units, again using toughened glass.

The background of the glass is usually etched with the Hallhill Leaves being clear glass but we can also create the glass with a clear background with the leaves being etched if privacy is not an issue for you.

There is no colour in any of our Shadows Of Nature designs or any Etched Glass patterns. If these images appear to have colour, the colour is just what you can see through the clear sections of the design. You can also browse other jobs supplied to past customers based on the Hallhill Leaves design by using this tag – Hallhill Leaves Results

Most sizes can be supplied.

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