Etched Glass Swans 10mm Toughened Glass – Maidenhead

Etched Glass SwansLeadbitter Glass created a pair of these beautiful etched glass swan panels featuring a contemporary swan on each panel, for our client – Mr Nigel Anker in late 2011.

Nigel contacted the studio in December asking if we could create a nice swan design on 10mm toughened glass and stated that the toughened glass had to have polished edges because the glass is to be held in place by chrome clamps so the edges would be visible.

The Thames river flows past the bottom of the clients garden and swans are a common sight when looking out through the lounge window (see below). Mr Anker supplied an image of a swan that the family liked and we created a CGI proof of how the glass would look in exact scale sizes using the image as inspiration.

Quote ref: 2008

Sandblasted glass Swans for room divider
Created for Mr & Mrs Anker from Maidenhead in 2011