Etched Glass Galleon – Aberdeen

original_galleonWe receive a lot of orders from Scotland and we created this door recently for a client in Aberdeen. Innes was just coming to the end of a large kitchen extension project and he contacted the studio to get a quote for 2 pieces of glass for the door.

Innes was looking for one piece to read “Don’t mess with the Chef!” and for the other piece of glass Innes asked if it would be possible to create a door using this supplied image. A price was quoted and Innes gave the go ahead so we created the Galleon design and the text designs for him.

You can view the proofs for both pieces of glass here etched glass Galleon and Text. Innes originally chose the text panel design first so we created the etched glass Galleon with the same border to match. Both pieces were created using etched glass and we used 4mm toughened glass for the panels. As the doors were to be single glazed we protected both pieces of glass with our glass sandblast protection coating so the design is protected from greasy finger marks and other stains.

Clients comments… Dear Francis, Hi Francis, glass panels arrived safely, and are now installed. Fantastic, what a wonderful job, I am absolutely delighted. Thanks for doing such a great job. Enclosed please find a preliminary photo, will try to do better once the lighting conditions are at their best. The door is in a dark corridor opening into a newly extended kitchen and in the morning the sun will stream into the kitchen making the glass panels look very attractive from the corridor as you approach the kitchen.Once again, thanks for a brilliant job, I love it, it really adds a personal touch to the new kitchen. Innes Ewen

Quote ref: 2005