Deep Carved Coloured Glass – Glasgow

Deep Sandblasted & Coloured FanlightsWe were asked by a client in Glasgow to create a floral design for three fanlights that form part of a large hall feature window. The client wanted a coloured design but did not want to have any leaded glass at all. We were given free rein to come up with a design and technique that would create a stunning feature for the clients home.

We decided to create the design using deep carved glass along with resin glass colours. We created various test pieces before the design was completed so we could ensure that this new technique would be a success. Once we were confident that the new process would work, we created a computer generated image of the proposed design for the client to approve.

Below are images with descriptions explaining the process used to create this stunning glass feature.

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The image below shows the clear areas of the glass being protected by a grey vinyl during sandblasting. The flower area of the glass has been blasted away at high pressure to a depth of around 2mm.

Deep carving the glass before colouring
Liquid coloured glass pigments were injected into each individual section of the design to colour the glass.

Deep sandblasted and coloured glass

The completed set of fanlights in situ’


A close up view of a completed carved flower showing veins in the petals

Deep Carved & Coloured Flower

The finished window


Created for client near Glasgow

Glass size 577 x 722