Church Overlay Stained Glass – Southend

In 2017, we were approached to create a set of 22 stunning overlay stained glass panels for a church in Southend-on-Sea. Due to planning and building work however, the order was placed in 2020. The double glazed panels were part of a renovation project on the church’s foyer to allow more natural light in and make their entrance more disabled-friendly.

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Our overlay stained glass is an improvement on the traditional method of production by using a single solid sheet of safety glass for each panel, learn more here.

As with all orders we receive, we produced a computer generated proof of the glass for the client to sign off on before production of their panels began.

View from outside
View from inside

Over the course of the project, we dealt with Vincent Thomson Architects who were working on behalf of Simon, the vicar of Christ Church. Before production of the glass began, Vincent Thomson Architects visited our studio in Corby, Northamptonshire to look at some samples of our work and discuss the project.

As you can see, the overlay stained glass window allow an impressive amount of natural light into the building, it also projects the biblical scene featured in the glass onto the floor and walls at different times of the day. This feature window has transformed the foyer into an unquestionably impressive entryway.

You can see from the before and after pictures above the difference a stained glass feature wall can make.

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