Blue Etched Glass Crucifix – Walthamstow


Blue etched lines

In 2014 we were approached by Everest Commercial to create a pair of etched glass crucifix panels with a blue crucifix for the ‘Shield Of Faith’ church in Walthamstow.

One side of the glass was fully sandblasted except for the thin lines of the crucifix which were left clear. The glass was then turned over and the areas that were left clear were then sandblasted on the opposite side of the glass. At this point the glass looked fully sandblasted, then a blue sandblast dye was added to the etched crucifix areas to give it a coloured finish.

The glass was then sealed as energy saving double glazed units with warm edge Swiss spacer bar, argon gas and Pilkington K glass. All of the glass was toughened glass.

Quote ref: 2409


Etched Glass crucifix in blue

Created for clients in Walthamstow

Glass size 617mm x 1024mm