Lowen – American Bevelled Glass Doorway – London

Hello Mr & Mrs Lowen, Your American bevelled Glass designs will appear on this page as they are created / edited.

The small image shown on the right is a photo of the 2 finishes you selected for the obscure areas of the glass design. They are marked with a * and they are sandblast and pebble. The actual glass will have these textures but the drawings below may not show them truly lifelike because the drawings are computer generated.

All of the bevels are clear glass and some of the areas in between the bevels in the centre of the panels have been sandblasted or textured with the texture agreed during your visit. The outer perimeter is clear glass.

Please let the studio know your thoughts on any of the designs.

Quote ref: 2753

Option 2 with extra obscure sections as requested. NOT CHOSEN

Option 1 with photographic backdrop NOT CHOSEN

Option 2 below


© 2018 – Leadbitter Glass
Glass sizes 345 x 2420 and 628 x 2420
Created for clients in London
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